Cookie Policy

Cookies or an HTTP Cookie is a small piece of data stored by a site in user’s computer as a browsing record. Purpose of cookie is to track user browsing on site, commenting, subscribing or any kind of similar interaction with the website. Pages you or any other user of website visit during their session help us determine which page, article, review or product you would like most. Also on the basis of these cookies information, we detect bad guys too, and method is always kept in secret to keep those guys from defacing our systems.

How do we use Cookies:

SoftoFile will save these cookies in your browser while you are in interaction with our site. When you visit our site we save cookies information like your session id, internet address(IP), location attributes like country, state or city etc. We can also keep track which pages you are visiting and which other pages you visited during your session on our website. Later, By using cookies we’ll improve our services, user experience, client experience and above that our own experience. As far as the age of the Cookies is concerned, our cookies took maximum 30 days to expire.

Google Analytics:

We have added Google Analytics code to our website for detection of the number of users visiting our site in a certain manner. Analytics or Google Analytics is a product of Googe Inc. which is used by website owners, webmasters to monitor a website’s stats. All the session data & cookies data in that context is handled by Google Team. We can view user stats on Google Analytics and track a real-time user grouped in the country, state, region, gender, age etc.

Google Adsense:

Every Project like SoftoFile has a budget and financial challenges to face so we think we have right to monetize our website and pages with Google Adsense Ads that could help us fulfill our financial requirements to keep your service with our best assistance of spam protection. Google Adsense is the Google advertisement product in which they take advertisement from advertisers through Adwords and display Ads through Adsense. They also use cookies and place them on your computer through your browser for analyzing and showing ads on the basis of your browsing experience. They show advertisement according to the user expertise, interest, gender, or age because they want to get the better response from the users. Google Adsense cookies are being monitored by Google Adsense team and we don’t have any access to that cookies.