How Big Is A 14 Inch Laptop?

Just like human beings, laptops also come in different shapes and sizes, some are bulky while some are compact and versatile.

Nonetheless, all of them serve their own purpose and has their own flaws and strength, however, when it comes to knowing their specifications, things might not be as simple as you may think.

Because there are a lot of factors that make up for its size and shape which we will be discussing in this article below.

As mentioned above, since there are various types and sizes of laptops, in general, we are going to talk about how big is a 14-inch laptop.

Laptop Sizes And Why Is It A Big Deal?

If you have landed on this article, it may be either due to the fact that you were just scrolling the website and found these headlines or you were eager enough to buy a laptop and were size conscious for a wide variety of reasons.

For whatever reason you may have found yourself here, you must be wondering, Well isn’t a 14-inch laptop would simply 14 inches?

As Absurd as you may think, let me tell you, since 14 inches are quite prominent and hits the sweet spot in the market it is significantly important that you know how much is a 14-inch laptop.

Because it will help you determine on the fact that how you should be handling it while you are traveling or simply using it in your office, on a desk, or simply in the comfort of your bed.

Now that you have known the significance of a laptop size, let’s find out their sizes.

In general, Laptops come in the following sizes,

12 inches

They tend to be more of a starter edition and don’t come with a lot of extra components and complex hardware. 

You may usually see Chromebooks that often come in small sizes that are usually made for kids for educational purposes such as schooling institutes.

Since these aren’t the “Best of the best” they are significantly cheaper and don’t break the bank and can be easily carried from one place to another without being felt like a burden that would put half in your everyday routine.

13 Inches

Still not the standard form of laptops, however, still useable and lightweight enough to be used by students and other individuals that have their work often requires them to be on the go.

They have a considerably bigger battery and their keyboard size isn’t as congested as 10 inches laptop.

Matter of fact, most standard-size MacBooks often have 13 inches dimension specifications, you may know this already considering how popular they are, across the globe.

14 Inches 

These sorts of laptops are usually quite common in the market and often found almost everywhere nowadays, because of the fact that they provide a balance between performance, reliability, and price to value ratio.

Since these sorts of laptops have almost perfect screen sizes, they are regarded as machines that hit the sweet spot in terms of the viewing experience.

Moreover, they are also pretty easy to handle and can fit in your handbag or school bag pretty easily, and usually are light and compact enough at the same time, providing impeccable convenience while also being a worthy companion.

15 Inches

These are the ones that cant be considered the behemoth but at the same time aren’t small enough to be carried everywhere as easily as you would think.

These are the ones you may often see in offices and studios and they are quite considered a global standard format for laptops, however, that doesn’t mean you could just carry them all the time as easily as you would with a smaller build.

This is because of the fact that 15 inches laptops are bulky, have much more material and components packed into them, and can perform much more heavy-duty tasks on an everyday basis.

Moreover, since they are manufactured in such a way that they should perform their task for almost a full day or at least 6-7 hours, they often have considerably bigger lithium batteries which take a toll on the portability aspect.

17 Inches

The Absolute Unit, a beast of a machine, the 17 inches laptop is truly a mesmerizing sight to see. Not that I am claiming they are versatile and are a nuisance, but portability and convenience are not their strong suit.

They are made in such a way that they can easily be mistaken for a substitute or alternative to a desktop, considering their size and weight.

However, the silver lining is that they pack a serious punch and often have fireworks of hardware under their hood, which in turn, cost an arm and a limb.

These are usually gaming-oriented and often have all sorts of fancy gimmicks and flagship feature as one might think their build is quite sturdier and they look like the manufacturer have spent a ton of hours brainstorming before developing these bad boys.

Final Word

I think this gives you a rough idea of how big a 14-inch laptop is compared to other laptops of different sizes, so that’s all you need to know.

Moreover, you might also have gotten a slight idea of what sets them apart on the basis of their features and other components. 

That being said, I hope this article was pretty straightforward, feel free to comment below if you have any queries, would.d be happy to answer them!