How Many Amps Does A Gaming Pc Use?

Let me get this one thing straight and settled, we know for a fact that electricity is a super-efficient resource that has molded our society for the betterment of our future.

It has countless applications in our daily life and has provided a superior way of life than we could have ever imagined.

Although it might be efficient, it is a tad bit expensive and will surely take a toll on your bills if you aren’t keeping an eye out while consuming its units.

Now if you are a gamer, you would also know the importance of electricity, how it powers the cores of your gaming devices, and your personal desktop, and keeps it running to produce super realistic graphics in order for you to enjoy them all day long.

And since it is no secret that gaming computers are quite different in terms of power consumption when compared to a traditional desktop, the question may arise how many amps does a gaming pc use?

So to answer this question let’s get down to business and let me explain some basics.

What is an AMP?

AMP is basically a short form of Ampere, which you most probably have heard while studying physics, it is an SI unit of electrical current and typical means the strength a current has.

Knowing these is quite important, especially if you are rocking a gaming computer because you don’t want to use the wrong amperage and end up frying or blowing it. Moreover, it is also important in case you don’t want your electrical bill to skyrocket.

How Is a Traditional PC different from a Gaming PC?

Since a gaming pc has much more complex components in them and usually has fancy gimmicks such as RGB lighting, requires higher power consumption causing it to take the lead while comparing it to an everyday use general desktop, in regards to ampere.

Moreover, gamers also use more than one monitor, a beefy dedicated graphics card, and a multiple-core processor which obviously isn’t something that you should take with a grain of salt.

Additionally, running games and video editing applications also pushes your desktop limits, forcing it to consume all the electrical power it can possibly get, so almost in all aspects, a gaming pc is virtually more power-hungry than a general desktop.

How Many AMPS Does A Gaming PC Use

Yes, I do admit that you were kind of getting bored there reading all the stuff which may sound a little irrelevant, however, I assure you they are incredibly necessary, otherwise you won’t be able to make a precise judgment.

The reason behind that is AMP measurement solely depends on the voltage that your area or region receives, in some western countries receiving 120 V is pretty much the norm.

However, on the other hand, countries like China, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom have 230 V set as their voltage standard.

This is why discrepancies are quite common while measuring for Amps, however, the general rule of thumb is to just calculate the watts draw of your gaming computer by the voltage provided to your region.

How Would I Know How Much Watts Does My Computer Draws?

You can either use a power meter or a wattmeter in order to precisely check the amount of Watt drawn by your gaming computer, in order to know how much it consumes on an hourly basis, and then multiply it by your daily usage.

This will give you a rough idea of your Watt draw from your computer which you can then calculate by the voltage provided to your region i.e 220 or 120.

Another method is to separately observe each and every component that is installed on your desktop such as graphics card, processor and RAM, etc, and calculate their Wattage and then come up with a measurement.

However, the result generated by this method may not be ideal because your gaming computer might not be always at its peak current consumption level, and concluding an accurate result may not be possible.

To sum it up, using a wattmeter should be a suitable pick in order to get the best and most accurate results and then multiplying those watts by your hourly usage of your everyday routine and finally dividing them by the voltage of your region.


Ampere of your Gaming Computer = Wattage X Hours a gaming Computer is used / Voltage i.e 220 or 120 Volts

Botton Line

So that’s all you need to know about amperes, watts, and voltage regarding your gaming pc. Pretty sure some of these terms might be too technical for you to understand, however, I did my best to break them down for you so that you won’t get confused.

Nonetheless, I hope that you have gotten your answer regarding how many amps a gaming pc use, so that you can safely run your gaming pc without any electrical hazard or facing super high electrical bills.

As always, thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!