How to Get Sound From Laptop to TV with HDMI?

So, if even after connecting the two devices with HDMI, you still don’t get the sound out of the speakers of your TV, here’s how to get sound from laptop to TV with HDMI. 

  • Set your TV as the default speaker device. 
  • Update sound drivers. 
  • Check if there’s mechanical damage to the devices and cords.

How to Fix No Sound Coming From HDMI After Connecting Computer to TV?

It really gets frustrating when you’ve invited everyone over for a movie or a personal video premiere but technical things get in your way. Worry not, however, as there is a solution to every problem you face. Thankfully with this article, you won’t have to split your hair or pull that face of yours. 

Follow these fixes to get the sound blaring from the TV speakers. 

Set Your TV as the Default Speaker Device 

Sometimes, the problem is as simple as not having the TV as your default device. Even after connecting the HDMI, Windows may not recognize the device no matter what you do. So, you give it a little reminder that you’ve your TV connected and for the love of God route the sound through its speakers. 

Step 1: Connect the two devices via HDMI. Make sure that the HDMI in goes into the TV and HDMI out into the laptop. 

Step 2: The remote will have options of enabling the HDMI mode of your TV. Do that and play something. 

Step 3: No sound? Take the cursor of your mouse in the laptop to the right bottom corner where you see the speaker icon. 

Step 4: Right-click on it to open options and select Playback devices. 

Step 5: You’ll be presented with the Sound menu. There, in the Playback tab, below the “Select a playback device below to modify its settings”, choose the HDMI option or anything besides the name of your laptop’s speaker device. 

Step 6: Click on that device and select Set Default below. Afterward, click OK to close the dialogue. 

Step 7: You may not see the HDMI device in some cases. If that’s the case with you, then right-click the empty space below the devices and tick Show Disabled Devices, and Show Disconnected Devices. You’ll see your TV. When you do, repeat step 5. 

Update the Sound Driver 

Even after following Fix 1, if your TV doesn’t play the sound, then there must be a problem with your drivers. These are important for the optimal operation of any hardware in your laptop or PC. Therefore, you must always keep them updated, no matter what. 

Yes, the Windows update takes care of the drivers but checking them manually won’t cost anything. 

Step 1: Type Device manager in the search box of Windows. 

Step 2: Open up the app where you’ll see all the devices connected to your laptop and working fine or not. 

Step 3: Left-click the Audio inputs and outputs. You’ll see Microphone devices and Speakers. 

Step 4: Right-click on the Speakers and click Update driver. You may want to do that for other devices related to the HDMI and sounds. 

This is the manual way of updating the driver. You could even go to the manufacturer’s website to download the latest driver and install it. That should be done when Windows says that you have the latest driver installed but the sound isn’t played by the TV. 

Check for Any Signs of Mechanical Damage 

When something doesn’t work–especially, electronic devices–there’s always a problem with either the hardware or the software. I took care of the software above but you have to look for the hardware damage as well. 

See if the HDMI cord is continuous and okay. 

Are there any frayed sides? Do you see any wire jutting out like it’s too tired of staying in its cocoon? If yes, then you may want to change the cord in the first place. 

How to Get Sound from Laptop to TV with HDMI

Check if the input and output of the TV and laptop, respectively are working fine. 

You could try connecting the TV to another HDMI-enabled device in your home. Connect it to the input of the TV and see if it works fine. Also, check if the laptop’s output isn’t broken. Do the same for this one. You’ll get where the problem lies.

Either of them will be fine. The culprit may be the HDMI

  • The TV will work but not the laptop. 
  • The laptop will work but not the TV. 
  • All of the three are fine but the problem still persists. In this case, repeat the steps mentioned above. 
  • If nothing works, then it’s time to take the laptop to support. 

Why is the sound not working on my TV from laptop HDMI?

By using a different source of media connection, ensure that your speakers are working. Changing and selecting the appropriate codec may solve the problem if your speakers don’t seem to be malfunctioning. Lastly, make sure your HDMI cable is plugged into the appropriate output interface of your television.

Is there HDMI to DisplayPort?

While establishing a wired connection, if your TV or laptop lacks appropriate interfaces, you can use an external third-party adapter such as HDMI to DisplayPort that can act as a converter for both the input and output interfaces of your equipment.

How to Get Sound From Laptop to TV with HDMI – Conclusion 

The reason why the TV isn’t playing the sound of your media could be a faulty HDMI, TV input, or laptop output. That’s the hardware side of it. On the software front, you may want to make the TV your default speaker device.

Follow the steps above to do that. If you still don’t get the sound, you may wanna call the support or attach another speaker device. I normally don’t rely on the sound of the TV because it doesn’t sound as good as premium speakers.