Where Is the Power Button on a Dell Laptop? Solved

Have trouble finding the power button? You’re not alone. These days laptop models come in great variety and Dell is no exception. For example, the Dell Inspiron 3000 has an integrated power button with its keyboard. That makes finding it difficult for some people. This guide will help you find where the power button is on a Dell laptop with ease. 

The power button, generally, on all models is located between the keyboard and screen. 

Some Inspiron series laptops have power buttons integrated into the keyboard layout. 

Dell Laptop’s Power Button Location 

Most laptop series of any manufacturer follows a widely used design to place the power button. Whenever you buy one, open its lid, and look between the screen and the keyboard. You’ll find a round or elliptical shape button. 

While most of the manufacturers make it easy to find by giving it a distinct metallic color, the thing with Dell is that it loves darker tones. Thus, the problem of finding it against the same color background of the hand rest becomes harder. 

Is It a Button or Capacitive Touch?

Capacitive touch has been a thing of mobile phones lately. You might have seen it on iPhone and Samsung phones. It isn’t a button, to be honest, but a touch-enabled space dedicated to a function. Whenever you press it, small vibrations make you feel as if the space has been pressed down. 

Dell laptops till now haven’t come up with buttons like these as such. I don’t think laptops will ever come with that for the sake of keeping their customers away from confusion. 

Where Is the Power Button on a Dell Laptop

Where Is the Power Button Located in Dell Inspiron 3000 and Inspiron 5391?

You might have trouble finding the power button in these laptops because of their apparent design flaws. Most customers or users like you have complained about this reservation. 

It is integrated into the layout of the keyboard. Spread your fingers across the number keys and you should find it. 

Some users do not find it because of yet another flaw – the button is made of cheap plastic and in most models, it’s placed roughly in the groove. You might have even stuck it in its place because of applying undue pressure. 

The open-lid-to-turn-on feature of these laptops is also to be blamed. Most of the time, users like you use this feature and do not realize that their laptop power buttons are broken. Unfortunately, you could disable this option by going to the BIOS only. 

How to Turn On Your Dell Laptop?

Now that you know the location of the power button, turning on your laptop is a breeze. 

Step 1: Make sure that the battery of the laptop is full or it has enough charge to turn it on. 

Step 2: You’re going to know about the charge when you press the power button and the laptop does not charge. In that case, plug in the cord into the socket carefully without touching the prongs. See if a small LED turns on. It may be located on the periphery of the hand rest. 

Step 3: Wait for at least an hour before turning on the laptop. 

Step 4: When the laptop’s charged well, gently press the power button once and wait for the laptop to show the boot screen. It is the first screen you see when the machine turns on. 

How to Turn Off Your Dell Laptop With the Power Button?

Doing this is easy as well. 

Step 1: Save your work on the laptop and close opened windows. If you don’t, all your unsaved data will be lost when you turn off the laptop. 

Step 2: Press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds or when you see a blank screen. 

Step 3: Release the button when everything has been closed and your PC shut down. 

Remember that using this method literally means forcing the computer to shut down all processes and shut down. I do not recommend this method to be used each time you want to turn off your laptop. 

Instead, turning it off from the OS is a wise decision to make. 

Step 1: Save your data and then, left-click on the Start or the Windows logo you see on the screen. 

Step 2: Then left-click on the Power icon which looks like a standing dash in a semicircle. There, left-click on the Shutdown. Wait for the computer to turn off after a few minutes. 

What To Do When the Laptop Does Not Power On?

Your laptop may have run into some problem after you turned it off the previous time. If it’s not booting into Windows, then that’s the indication of that. 

Worry not because there’s a way to perform a hard reset even when the laptop is powered off. 

Step 1: Make sure all the devices are disconnected. Disconnect the power cord as well. Also, gently remove the battery by first undoing or sliding its pins. 

Step 2: Press the power button and hold it for about 15 to 20 seconds. This will remove all the power from the laptop that we call residual power. 

Step 3: Slide in the battery and secure its pins. Press the power button to turn on the laptop. If it’s still not turning on, plug it in, wait for about an hour and try turning it on again. 

How do I turn my Dell laptop on?

Locate the power button which is generally located at the top end of the keyboard, just keep it pressed for at least 5 seconds to turn on your Dell laptop. You can even use it to restart your laptop if it becomes unresponsive.

What does the Windows Start button look like?

The start button of the keyboard usually has a Windows infamous logo and is used to bring about the start menu on the scream. It is located at the lower-left region of the keyboard.

Where Is The Power Button On a Dell Laptop – Conclusion 

The power button on a Dell laptop is normally located between the screen and the keyboard. It’s round or elliptical. Before pressing it to turn on the laptop, make sure that the battery is charged enough. To shut down the laptop with it, press and hold it for a few seconds before you see the laptop turn off. In other models, the button may be located to the side or along with the keyboard.