Why Is My GPU Usage So High? Solution

Playing video games all day long can be incredibly fun, especially with your friends and family because it seems to take the steam off, no matter what your age is.

However, the joyful experience is usually spoiled by the fact that you may end up having your Graphics card (GPU) overloaded which results in low performance or even a sudden crash.

Although it is a site you don’t want to see or face, it has most probably happened to almost all PC gamers and laptop users.

And the reason behind it may not be termed as “unknown”, however, has plenty of ambiguity revolving around it, especially if you aren’t armed to the teeth with knowledge regarding computers and how they work.

Nonetheless, if you are one of those unfortunate individuals that are wondering “Why is My GPU Usage so High” that it literally touches the sky, then pat yourself on the back, because you have landed on an article that definitely has a solution to your issue.

Preliminaries About Hardware Resources Consumption 

It is quite crucial that you get to know about resource consumption by various programs because for some programs there is no such thing as “High GPU usage”.

To further elaborate, while playing video games, especially if they aren’t capped onto 60 frames per second through V-Sync, your Graphics card (GPU) is destined to push its limits and present its 100% performance so that you can get the advantage of as many frames as possible.

Moreover, while video editing or rendering, it’s basically no holds barred and your GPU is forced to squeeze out itself and utilize all of its cores to the full extent, in such a case, 100% GPU usage is pretty much the norm and isn’t considered “Too High”.

In simpler terms, you shouldn’t be too concerned about it because that’s exactly what your graphics card is supposed to be doing.

So When Should I Worry?

The internet is like a vast unexplored jungle where you could find almost any sort of software/Programs.

These Programs or software could either be perfectly beneficial, malicious, deceptive, or borderline malware.

Although there are ways you could verify its integrity, sometimes these programs are coded clever enough to slip through the cracks without raising the alarms of your operating system detection system.

These programs are usually RAT tools (Remote automated Tools) that are often programmed in such a way, to provide access to their owner and run a mining resource-hogging task resulting in 100% usage at all possible times.

How Should I Fix This Issue?

Before we try to fix this problem, first, we need to confirm your computer has actually contracted such mining malware.

Technically, there are two possible ways in order to address and remedy this issue, here is how!

  • Third-Party Tool
  • Windows Task Manager
  1. Through Third-Party Tool
  • This is a more thorough method and easily lets you pinpoint the issue, all you have to do is download third-party monitoring tools such as CPU-Z or HWinfo.
  • Install them and open them and check if any third-party tool is using unnecessary hardware resources.
  • Make sure you close all the programs to easily see if any program repeatedly opens by itself.
  • If you feel like there are certain programs that might be suspicious, then it’s time to fix this issue.
  1. Windows Task Manager
  • This method is pretty simple, all you have to do is press “Control+Alt+Delete” in combination on our keyboard.
  • You will be welcomed with the Flash menu where you can select the “Task Manager” and click on “Processes”
  • Scroll through numerous background processes and check if you notice any sort of “Unknown” or “Suspicious” program running and hogging on your Graphics card or even the processor.
  • This malware is quite smart and can even change its name to well-known software so that it could escape this inspection in task manager.
  • The best way to weed out these programs is by sorting the list in ascending order and checking for any potential threats.
  • Once you confirm that there are unknown programs running in the background, proceed to the next step.

Fixing The High Usage Problem

It doesn’t matter which method you choose above to check for High GPU usage, here is how you can fix this problem,

  • Through In-Game Graphics Configuration
  • Through Process Hacker
  • Using Anti Virus
  1. Through In-Game Graphics Configuration

Since, most of your worries might arise regarding high GPU usage while you were playing your games, in order to get remedy this issue, all you have to do is turn on V-Sync and put a limiting cap on your Frame rates.

In this way, your Graphics card will be forced to use only a portion of its power and won’t push its limit no matter the circumstances.

Be advised, Putting a Frame limiter such as V-Sync is highly necessary in order for this method to work, without this even lowering graphics settings won’t work.

  1. Through Process Hacker

Don’t be startled by the name of this software, as it is just an application monitoring and resources management tool that ensures everything stays in check.

Just open the program and toggle any unnecessary programs that might be hogging your hardware resources for no apparent reason.

And hope it will lower the percentage of your Graphics card resources being used.

  1. Using Anti Virus

If everything else fails, it’s time that you step up your countermeasures by installing and using a decent Anti Virus.

You can possibly use any Anti Virus of your preferences, however, I would suggest some infamous and noteworthy names such as Eset Smart Security, Bitdefender, or even Malwarebytes.

All of this software is tried and tested by myself and they are plenty helpful to overcome said hurdles.

After installing any of this software, run a scan in all partitions and hope for the best that it catches any miner or malware that may be using your hardware without your permission and take a toll on your computer.

After Detection your Anti Virus will automatically remove this pesky malware and you will be good as new.

Bottom Line

So that’s all you need to know regarding Why is my GPU usage so high, I hope this article was pretty straightforward and didn’t feel confusing at all, and even if it did by any chance, you can always comment below your queries and will be much obliged to help.

As always take care and have a lovely day.